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About the Brothers

Hi! It’s me, Mario! Along with my brother, Luigi, I left after decades in the plumbing business after finding it much more perilous than I ever imagined it could be.

After leaving plumbing behind, we had a lot of soul-searching to do (we’re no spring chickens). Following weeks of discussion about what to old-timers could do to help people in the world today, we decided to follow our true passion – pizza.

Pizza Consulting Services

You’ve got pizza, we’ve got answers. The world today is so fast-paced, much more so than when we got started in business. Everyone has too many choices to make too fast, and it leads to a lot of poor decisions. Our pizza specialists are here to make the choice of what to (or not to) put on your pizza less stressful. Our consulting is broken into four categories as shown below.


The Foundation


The Flavor


The Pizza Maker


So Extra

‘Za Blog

Read up each week on our latest success stories, the newest pizza combos we’ve made, and how we made each critical decision throughout each stage of the process.

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