Hi! It’s me, Mario!

Along with my brother, Luigi, I left after decades in the plumbing business after finding it much more perilous than I ever imagined it could be. After leaving plumbing behind, we had a lot of soul-searching to do (we’re no spring chickens).

Following weeks of discussion about what to old-timers could do to help people in the world today, we decided to follow our true passion – pizza. We want you to see pizza for all that it can be, not just what it always has been. Let us help you discover new ways to enjoy this ethereal nom.

Mario has found his real-life princess and enjoys time spent with her and their varied friends.

After years apart, they cherish travelling and sharing the joys of their life together. Mario found his passion for pizza at an early age, his favorite is a thin, white crust with olive oil, mozzarella, gouda and a variety of mushrooms. He calls it “The Goomba”.

Luigi is enjoying his partial retirement and second career at his country home in upstate New York.

He is surrounded with friends and loves relaxing in his luscious garden. He uses what he grows to make his signature pizza, the famous “Piranha Pie”. It’s a veggie lover’s dream with fresh made marinara made with fresh tomatoes and varied greens, including one secret ingredient that he keeps hidden in a greenhouse. The mystery is intriguing.


“After finding myself tired of the same old, same old, I thought I was going to have to give up on pizza as my primary source of nourishment. In a last-ditch effort I found Brothers Pizza Consulting after a Google search.”

Having 3 bros myself, I felt like I could trust Mario and Luigi with my bummer of a situation. Boy, was I right! They have reinvigorated my love for the ‘za and given me ideas for pies for years to come. Besides, they’re fellow New Yorkers! I highly recommend their services!

— Raph T.