Get Those Coins with the Perfect Pizza Sauce

Of course the crust and toppings are important, but a pizza is nothing without the perfect pizza sauce. And although it may seem like just a small ingredient, that is quickly covered by more distinct tastes with the plethora of available pizza toppings, it can really be the deciding factor on customer retention and them choosing another pizza spot over yours!

Good thing we have a game map for your to plan out your next batch of pizza sauce!

Power Up with the Perfect Ingredients

A dish is more enjoyable when you can identify each flavor so it’s of utmost importance that you find the best ingredients to bring out strong flavors! Of course, the main and most important ingredient is tomatoes. Many would argue that the best tomatoes are the tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil around Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, but you can still get a superior taste from fresh plum tomatoes thanks to their small quantities of water and seeds.

To take the savory flavor to the next level, adding in freshly grated parmesan cheese can help to compliment the sweetness of the tomatoes, and who doesn’t love more cheese! And putting in some virgin olive oil can give an even more distinct flavor! Cut up a little onion with a few cloves of garlic along with dried basil, oregano, salt, and pepper and you have the perfect spice blend to take your sauce to the next level! With the perfect amount of spices and the freshest ingredients, you’ll have a sauce your clients will be flying to Mushroom Kingdom to get a slice!

Gain Invincibility by Perfecting the Process

The process of making your sauce is just as important as the freshness of your ingredients and if you find the perfect balance of ingredients, you’ll have the most decadent pizza in all of New York! Once you get your hands on ripe, fresh tomatoes, the seeds need to be removed before sticking them in a blender. Getting that paste to the texture and consistency you prefer is an art form in itself, but once you find that combination that gives your customers a 1-Up, you’ll be bringing in those coins in no time!

And if it’s taking a little while to perfect that sauce, simmering it on low heat can help it to thicken!

Unlock the Hidden Level of Your Tastebuds

Once you have the right consistency, putting it on your homemade dough with some top of the line toppings and you are on your way to finishing the level of best pizza maker in town. And although a touchy subject for many, it can be said that the sauce makes or breaks the pizza, and with the right mix of sweetness, acidity, and herbs you can make a memorable homemade sauce that will have everyone begging for another slice!